Guide to Care for the Tile Floors of your Custom Home

The great thing about tile is the fact that it is so easy to clean and makes kitchens and bathrooms look amazingly elegant.  If you have a custom home here are some tips to ensure they keep their beauty. According to Ironwood custom builders specialists, when installing tile for the home there are two options, which can either be porcelain or ceramic and these are quite famous for their resilience and durability. However, no matter how strong your tile if it is not care for the correct way it will not last long.  Here are a few tips on how to properly care for your tile floors.

Clean Regularly

If there were any advice that is really worth mentioning then it would be the importance of cleaning your tiles on a regular basis.  The trick is to handle dirt and spills immediately using a mop or cloth, hot water and some mild household detergent.  Before using any detergent do spot test it first to ensure it works well with the tile.

Protect your Grout

According to Ironwood custom builders specialists, grout is what holds the ceramic tiles in their proper place. However, time can discolor your grout and it can really distract from the beauty of the flooring. In order to prevent this it is important that the grout is correctly sealed after application. Once a year you need to update the seal in order to keep stains, water and dirt from penetrating its protective sheath.

Practice Preventive Maintenance

While it sounds pretty obvious, only regular maintenance is the best and most effective step to ensure that your tiles stay the same way the day you moved in. Make sure that you regularly vacuum; sweep and damp mop your tile flooring.  This will effectively remove any dirt and debris on the surface and prevent it from collecting as well.  To improve shine, gloss and color do mop with warm water and a gentle cleaning solution made especially for tile.

Selecting tile for your custom home is a wise choice. You can ensure it will retain its beauty for many years to come if you employ the simple measures outlined above.  We hope the advice above would keep your tiles looking brand spanking new always.