Tips for Combining Traditional and Modern Home Designs

Having a custom home is not complete unless you pair it with a good design that will complete its innate features and aesthetics.  Whether it is just to keep things fresh and up-to-date or furnishing a new home, adding a few pieces will achieve your goals without putting too much strain on your pocket here is how.

Provide New Interest in Lighting

According to Ironwood custom builder specialists, lighting is one are where you can easily add a modern twist even if your home has major traditional elements like crown molding or archways in the design.  You can opt also for light fixtures that feature a retro look to complement the modern design of your custom home.


It is quite simple to blend modern and conventional design when you include the element of fun in it. One good way to do it is through rugs. Check out rug designs that feature geometric designs or large shapes that bring out colors within the space. Add some coordinating pieces as well to give it a modern twist.

Spice it up

More often than not, traditional dining rooms are boring especially in the aesthetic department. To spice things up, Ironwood custom builder specialists recommend not replacing the dining table itself but only the chairs. Mix and match modern chairs with traditional tables. Integrate fun china patterns and some artwork to help combine the two styles.

Modernizing Your Bath

The truth is working with traditional placements of bath elements is common. However, there are situations where you simply cannot move plumbing fixtures anytime you feel like it. The good news is you can still upgrade the look of your old tub by adding a modern soaker.  The addition of a freestanding tub to any bath can instantly modernize the space and give it a much more contemporary feel.

Don’t Forget Color

Color can instantly transform any room especially if you are blending modern and traditional elements. For instance, paint one wall or a trey ceiling using a bright new color. It works because the unexpected twist will instantly add interest to an otherwise sterile space. Finish it off by adding chairs, lamps and throw pillows.