Tips to Keeping Your Wooden Floors Brand Spanking New

Wooden floors for your custom home will instantly give it that rich and opulent appearance. Simply put, wooden floors are perfect for any home. If you have spent a lot of money ensuring you have the best wood materials and finish, you naturally want to make sure it stays that way for a long time. Unfortunately, wooden floors are notorious for scrapes and abrasions if not cared for properly.  Here are some important tips to keep in mind.

Care for Wood Floors

If you really want to protect your floors do not let shoes damage them. Remove your footwear prior to entering your home and do not be afraid to ask your guests to do the same as the practice is much more common nowadays.Ironwood custom builders specialists recommend using gentle cleaners to prevent damaging the wood grain. Vacuum regularly and sweep and wipe up spills the moment you notice them to avoid long term damage.

Weekly Dust Mop

Dust mop for hair, loose dirt, dust and other debris at least once a week. Use only cloths that have electrostatic features so the debris will stick to it. You can also wood cleaning sprays if necessary. 

Cleaning once a Month

At least once a month it is recommended that you clean the entire wooden floor area using a hardwood-cleaning product. Do follow the manufacturer directions and avoid not leaving a copious amount on the floor. Make sure you sponge and rinse and leftovers.

Removal of Scuff Marks

Without a doubt, scuffmarks will happen, that is an inevitable fact to any wooden floor. These are a result of dragging shoes, furniture and other items. Make sure not to let shoes inside the home and place felt pads on the underside of all your furniture.

Scuff Treatment

Ironwood custom builder specialists recommend the ff to remove scuffmarks:

Pencil Eraser – easiest and most effective at removing small scuffs.

Scuff Eraser – this is a store bought product and is meant to get rid of bigger issues.


If there are stubborn scuffs on the floor be very careful not to use too much product as acetone is quite strong and can easily dry out the surface. Do follow up the treatment with an oil-based solvent to ensure shimmer and shine is not lost.