How to Move into Your Custom Home Damage Free

Many homeowners are so excited about moving into their new custom home that they neglected to ensure that the act of moving into the home would not result in damage to the new home. It is not unusual for new homeowners to complain about scratches and scuffs to their new hardwood floors, dings in the metal doors of their refrigerators and scratches to the sides of doors.  If you want to move into your new custom home damage free, read on below.

Measure and Establish a Floor Plan

Before moving into your new home, custom home Salt Lake City builder specialists recommend that you put a floor plant together. Begin by sketching a plan of the new home and determining where each piece of furniture should go. Make sure that you label the area and then place the label on the actual item. This will lessen the guesswork as well as the effort needed to prep the home before you move in. Important measurements to take are the ff:

  • Dimensions of the rooms so that you know where the furniture will fit
  • Measure entryways and staircases
  • If possible remove tight doors before the move in order to prevent furniture from scraping them

Safeguarding Walls, Stairs and Corners

Prior to moving into the new home, do a visual inspection to identify corners, walls and staircase banisters that may be damaged by furniture needing to pass through. You need to:

  • Place blankets or plastic sheeting around banisters to prevent nicks
  • Make sure to put blankets on walls that may be prone to damage
  • Put felt pads to furniture areas that will rest against the wall
  • Make sure to tape all your furniture drawers
  • Do empty all furniture and appliances of unnecessary content to lighten their weight and make moving them much easier

Protecting the Floors

According to kitchen remodeling builders specialists, the floors are usually the first part of the home that gets damaged from the move as furniture sometimes gets dragged thereby scratching them.  Never drag your furniture into the new home. There are furniture slides available in an array of shapes and sizes or alternatively you can make some yourself using old container lids or remnants from carpets. The plastic sliders for carpet and padded sliders for hardwood floors will prevent undue damage to those beautiful new flooring.