How to Build a Custom Home while Still Owning your Current Home

Many potential custom homebuyers have the dilemma of owning a current home while at the same time entertaining the possibility of getting a new one. While in most cases this is a really difficult situation to be in, in the final analysis one needs to determine where their comfort level is with regard to risk so as to best determine the right course moving forward to achieving the dream of a new home. 

According to bathroom remodeler  experts, there are two approaches to consider if you want to build a new custom home while still owning your current one, The first is to sell the current home prior to beginning construction of the ne custom home and beginning construction on the new home prior to selling the exiting one.

Sell Prior to Beginning Construction

This option will give you the knowledge to determine exactly the amount of money you will have before the new custom home project begins assuming this will be your primary means of financing the bulk of the project.  The big downside is you will have to account for living expenses in temporary arrangements and move your furniture a couple of times during the entire process.   One option would be to convince the buyer to allow you to remain in the property and pay rent until you move into the new home. Another would be to just simply find an apartment to live in while waiting for your new home to be constructed. 

Construct Before Selling

According to Salt Lake City custom home builders specialists this option will allow you to move things quickly with respect to the move as well as avoid the need to get some temporary housing arrangements. The risk of course is you will not have that liquidity needed to finance the home unless you already have prepared for it. One way to get past it is to get a construction loan where you pay only the interest on the amount of the mortgage as it is advanced in order to cover the different stages of construction so that you will not have to make a full payment until the end of construction. 

Blanket Mortgage

You may want to consider a blanket mortgage on your current home as well as the new one that is about to be built. Once the current home is sold, the mortgage amount is reduced the proceeds of the sale.

How to Move into Your Custom Home Damage Free

Many homeowners are so excited about moving into their new custom home that they neglected to ensure that the act of moving into the home would not result in damage to the new home. It is not unusual for new homeowners to complain about scratches and scuffs to their new hardwood floors, dings in the metal doors of their refrigerators and scratches to the sides of doors.  If you want to move into your new custom home damage free, read on below.

Measure and Establish a Floor Plan

Before moving into your new home, custom home Salt Lake City builder specialists recommend that you put a floor plant together. Begin by sketching a plan of the new home and determining where each piece of furniture should go. Make sure that you label the area and then place the label on the actual item. This will lessen the guesswork as well as the effort needed to prep the home before you move in. Important measurements to take are the ff:

  • Dimensions of the rooms so that you know where the furniture will fit
  • Measure entryways and staircases
  • If possible remove tight doors before the move in order to prevent furniture from scraping them

Safeguarding Walls, Stairs and Corners

Prior to moving into the new home, do a visual inspection to identify corners, walls and staircase banisters that may be damaged by furniture needing to pass through. You need to:

  • Place blankets or plastic sheeting around banisters to prevent nicks
  • Make sure to put blankets on walls that may be prone to damage
  • Put felt pads to furniture areas that will rest against the wall
  • Make sure to tape all your furniture drawers
  • Do empty all furniture and appliances of unnecessary content to lighten their weight and make moving them much easier

Protecting the Floors

According to kitchen remodeling builders specialists, the floors are usually the first part of the home that gets damaged from the move as furniture sometimes gets dragged thereby scratching them.  Never drag your furniture into the new home. There are furniture slides available in an array of shapes and sizes or alternatively you can make some yourself using old container lids or remnants from carpets. The plastic sliders for carpet and padded sliders for hardwood floors will prevent undue damage to those beautiful new flooring.


Guide to Care for the Tile Floors of your Custom Home

The great thing about tile is the fact that it is so easy to clean and makes kitchens and bathrooms look amazingly elegant.  If you have a custom home here are some tips to ensure they keep their beauty. According to Ironwood custom builders specialists, when installing tile for the home there are two options, which can either be porcelain or ceramic and these are quite famous for their resilience and durability. However, no matter how strong your tile if it is not care for the correct way it will not last long.  Here are a few tips on how to properly care for your tile floors.

Clean Regularly

If there were any advice that is really worth mentioning then it would be the importance of cleaning your tiles on a regular basis.  The trick is to handle dirt and spills immediately using a mop or cloth, hot water and some mild household detergent.  Before using any detergent do spot test it first to ensure it works well with the tile.

Protect your Grout

According to Ironwood custom builders specialists, grout is what holds the ceramic tiles in their proper place. However, time can discolor your grout and it can really distract from the beauty of the flooring. In order to prevent this it is important that the grout is correctly sealed after application. Once a year you need to update the seal in order to keep stains, water and dirt from penetrating its protective sheath.

Practice Preventive Maintenance

While it sounds pretty obvious, only regular maintenance is the best and most effective step to ensure that your tiles stay the same way the day you moved in. Make sure that you regularly vacuum; sweep and damp mop your tile flooring.  This will effectively remove any dirt and debris on the surface and prevent it from collecting as well.  To improve shine, gloss and color do mop with warm water and a gentle cleaning solution made especially for tile.

Selecting tile for your custom home is a wise choice. You can ensure it will retain its beauty for many years to come if you employ the simple measures outlined above.  We hope the advice above would keep your tiles looking brand spanking new always.

Tips to Keeping Your Wooden Floors Brand Spanking New

Wooden floors for your custom home will instantly give it that rich and opulent appearance. Simply put, wooden floors are perfect for any home. If you have spent a lot of money ensuring you have the best wood materials and finish, you naturally want to make sure it stays that way for a long time. Unfortunately, wooden floors are notorious for scrapes and abrasions if not cared for properly.  Here are some important tips to keep in mind.

Care for Wood Floors

If you really want to protect your floors do not let shoes damage them. Remove your footwear prior to entering your home and do not be afraid to ask your guests to do the same as the practice is much more common nowadays.Ironwood custom builders specialists recommend using gentle cleaners to prevent damaging the wood grain. Vacuum regularly and sweep and wipe up spills the moment you notice them to avoid long term damage.

Weekly Dust Mop

Dust mop for hair, loose dirt, dust and other debris at least once a week. Use only cloths that have electrostatic features so the debris will stick to it. You can also wood cleaning sprays if necessary. 

Cleaning once a Month

At least once a month it is recommended that you clean the entire wooden floor area using a hardwood-cleaning product. Do follow the manufacturer directions and avoid not leaving a copious amount on the floor. Make sure you sponge and rinse and leftovers.

Removal of Scuff Marks

Without a doubt, scuffmarks will happen, that is an inevitable fact to any wooden floor. These are a result of dragging shoes, furniture and other items. Make sure not to let shoes inside the home and place felt pads on the underside of all your furniture.

Scuff Treatment

Ironwood custom builder specialists recommend the ff to remove scuffmarks:

Pencil Eraser – easiest and most effective at removing small scuffs.

Scuff Eraser – this is a store bought product and is meant to get rid of bigger issues.


If there are stubborn scuffs on the floor be very careful not to use too much product as acetone is quite strong and can easily dry out the surface. Do follow up the treatment with an oil-based solvent to ensure shimmer and shine is not lost.

Tips for Combining Traditional and Modern Home Designs

Having a custom home is not complete unless you pair it with a good design that will complete its innate features and aesthetics.  Whether it is just to keep things fresh and up-to-date or furnishing a new home, adding a few pieces will achieve your goals without putting too much strain on your pocket here is how.

Provide New Interest in Lighting

According to Ironwood custom builder specialists, lighting is one are where you can easily add a modern twist even if your home has major traditional elements like crown molding or archways in the design.  You can opt also for light fixtures that feature a retro look to complement the modern design of your custom home.


It is quite simple to blend modern and conventional design when you include the element of fun in it. One good way to do it is through rugs. Check out rug designs that feature geometric designs or large shapes that bring out colors within the space. Add some coordinating pieces as well to give it a modern twist.

Spice it up

More often than not, traditional dining rooms are boring especially in the aesthetic department. To spice things up, Ironwood custom builder specialists recommend not replacing the dining table itself but only the chairs. Mix and match modern chairs with traditional tables. Integrate fun china patterns and some artwork to help combine the two styles.

Modernizing Your Bath

The truth is working with traditional placements of bath elements is common. However, there are situations where you simply cannot move plumbing fixtures anytime you feel like it. The good news is you can still upgrade the look of your old tub by adding a modern soaker.  The addition of a freestanding tub to any bath can instantly modernize the space and give it a much more contemporary feel.

Don’t Forget Color

Color can instantly transform any room especially if you are blending modern and traditional elements. For instance, paint one wall or a trey ceiling using a bright new color. It works because the unexpected twist will instantly add interest to an otherwise sterile space. Finish it off by adding chairs, lamps and throw pillows.